Rod Pyle and the Change

Episode 1844 (1:58:16)

Rod Pyle

Rod joins Leo to talk about some conferences he attended this week and the busy space week in the news. In one week, Crew 2 splashed down. Crew 3 launched to the ISS, and SpaceX launched 53 more Starlink satellites.

Meanwhile, Rod attended the NASA Innovation Conference (NIAC). NIAC is Nasa's DARPA division for BlueSky ideas in spaceflight. The conference talked about putting a colony at a LaGrange point between the earth and the Moon and what that would be like ethically, culturally, and more. The idea is to create a community kind of like Star Trek, while some think that since humanity tends to take its baggage wherever it goes, it could end up being like The Expanse. Can mankind reinvent itself away from a selfish to a collaborative culture? Rod says it's worked on the ISS and on the AntArctic. But you have your own space to retreat to. Once you leave the earth's influence, you won't have anywhere to retreat to. There's also the cost per minute of having an astronaut in space. And space usually operates on a western model. So what does China think? This may be why they have their own space station now.