How Do I Restore My Computer After a Hard Drive Crash?

Episode 1844 (12:48)

Anna from Laguna Hills, CA
Solid State Drive

Anna signed up for iDrive, but it's really slow. Leo says that's by design. They don't want to take over your entire broadband connection to upload your backup all at once, you couldn't do anything else. So they just use a little bit for backup, so you can have the rest for your daily needs.

But Anna says she's been seeing a system scan after her PC has crashed.  Leo says that sounds like the computer may be experiencing a hard drive issue. What Anna's PC is trying to do is boot up, but he thinks it may need to run Windows recovery first. The computer probably needs to run Windows recovery to repair or restore Windows and get back to the beginning. Here's how -

The good news is, that since Anna was backing up with iDrive, she may be able to restore the data.