Chris Marquardt and Examples of "Clear"

Episode 1844 (1:11:02)

Chris Marquardt

With our current assignment being CLEAR, Chris thought it would be a good idea to study how to shoot clear images.

Here's a gallery of examples -

The big problem is, you see through the clear subject. That can make it more of a challenge. Especially with glass, which also has reflections and refractions. Does the background interfere with the clear subject or complement it? You can also put a black background behind the clear subject and only get the reflections emerging as a result.  

Another cool idea is to put a glass on a reflective surface. That can add some interest. Adding water will also cause a lens effect, where the image flips around and gets distorted. It makes for fun experimentation. A glass sphere will also act as a lens to create a fisheye effect that is upside down.

Water can also not only be clear but very reflective: mirror-like in a way. A polarizer will take the reflections out of the water so you can see in the water itself.