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Episode 1844 November 14, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Anna from Laguna Hills, CA Comments

Anna signed up for iDrive, but it's really slow. Leo says that's by design. They don't want to take over your entire broadband connection to upload your backup all at once, you couldn't do anything else. So they just use a little bit for backup, so you can have the rest for your daily needs.

But Anna says she's been seeing a system scan after her PC has crashed.  Leo says that sounds like the computer may be experiencing a hard drive issue. What Anna's PC is trying to do is boot up, but he thinks it may need to run Windows recovery first. The computer probably needs to run Windows recovery to repair or restore Windows and get back to the beginning. Here's how -

The good news is, that since Anna was backing up with iDrive, she may be able to restore the data. 

Watch Joy from Torrance, CA Comments

Joy has an HP laptop that's just a few months old, and she's getting overheating warnings. So she brought it in to be repaired under warranty. The tech said she had too many favorites: Leo says that's silly. Favorites are just data entries: they don't affect anything, and you can open multiple tabs with no problem. And it's certainly not causing your laptop to overheat. This is something else. It sounds to Leo like the technician just didn't want to fix her problem and said something to make her go away.

Watch Rod from Coachella, CA Comments

Rod has a Windows 10 Pro computer, and he created a Microsoft account. But he wants to change his email address and remove all traces of the old one (since it no longer works). Leo says you can change the account alias and modify them. There are a few steps, however. Here's a link to a Microsoft technote on how to.

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Watch John from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

John has a few Dell computers, and he's trying to make them look the same screen-wise. Leo says that it helps if both are running the same version of Windows. DLL files are what keep the interface as it is. Moving data is easy, but moving the Windows interface with applications, is very difficult as a result. Third-party programs promise to do it, but they never do it right. But you can log into the same Microsoft account on both computers. Copy the data over. And you'll get most of it, except for the apps. You'll need to install those separately. 

Watch Paul from Louisville, KY Comments

Paul has a Google Pixel 4a that he's using to scan books. It works fine, but with larger books, the image is distorted. How can he fix that? He was thinking of using an external wide-angle lens to attach to it. Leo says that those third-party lenses will distort the image even more. Especially if they're cheaper lenses, Paul could break up the page into multiple images. 

Chris Marquardt says that there are apps that will take out the distortion. The Google Drive app has a document scanner built in that straightens out the distortion and even does OCR. Google also has a dedicated app called PhotoSpace Scan. Using an app to correct for the distortion would be better than trying to compensate optically. A flatbed scanner that's designed to scan books is also a good idea. 

Doctor Mom says to check out They have books that are already prescanned. Google may have also scanned it.  She also recommends the CZUR Document scanner. It has a camera mounted from above, dedicated lights, OCR, and image distortion, all in the scanner. It's a great-looking device. 

Watch Ed from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Ed is blind and uses Siri on the iPhone to help him read stuff. But lately, Siri stopped reading his emails. Leo says that Apple has deprecated that function in Siri, so it doesn't work anymore. Apple recommends using voiceover, but it's much more complex and cumbersome to use. Leo says it makes no sense that Apple has made that change. One of the things that made Siri worth using was that it could read back your email and other text reading functions. WHY APPLE? Apple has confirmed that they took it out, and it's "under review." So there's no telling if Apple will restore the function. Apple can fix it. But will they

iOS is known for its excellent accessibility features, and this is a definite step backwards. It may be a decision designed to protect privacy, but it's hurting people who rely on the feature for their everyday use.

Check out It's a community of blind and vision-challenged users using Apple products.

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Watch Patrick from Fallbrook, CA Comments

Patrick put Ubuntu Linux on his 2007 iMac recently. But he has to fiddle with the audio some to get it to sound good. Leo says that isn't uncommon and is probably a driver issue. 

He's been using SuperDuper to boot from an external hard drive, but it now says he doesn't have permission to do it. Leo says that SuperDuper will work fine for the Mac partition but is getting confused with the Linux partition. SuperDuper will backup your permissions for Mac, but you may need to do the Linux permissions separately. SuperDuper may be modifying the ownership as it does backup. Here are a few ideas for Linux Command: type CHMOD will change permissions. CHOWN will change the ownership of a given file.  MAN  is a command that will teach you what each command will do. Or you can google the command and learn just about anything about Linux.

Watch Tom from Carson, CA Comments

Tom called back to update Leo about his inability to create a local account to install Windows 10 on his computer. He was about to get around the limitation by disconnecting his router and turning it off. Being completely disconnected from the network and the internet, WIndows allowed him to create a local account to log into Windows 10. Leo says it's a workaround, to be sure, but it works. Sadly, you won't be able to use it on Windows 11. So enjoy it while you can.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard has a bunch of folders in Gmail. How does he create more? Leo says you don't really have folders. You have tags/labels. An email can only be in one folder at a time, but you can create multiple tags and organize them. Manage Labels will make it easy to create new labels and tag your email with them. Here's how. There's also a MOVE TO command that will streamline the process.

Watch Anne from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Anne's iPhone 8 has been skipping notifications lately. She took it into the Apple Store, and a Genius said to reboot and reset the phone.  She seems only to get notified if she's in the Messages app. Leo says that iOS tends to shut down apps you're not using, but Messages get priority. Why it's not notifying you is a mystery. You want to double-check your notification settings to make sure the chime is enabled. 

The chatroom suggests that the order of steps is important. Turn off notifications, reboot the phone, then turn notifications back on. Reboot again. That should wipe out the issue and restore your default notification settings. You may also want to uninstall a rival messages app, like WhatsApp, to ensure it's not "capturing" the notifications. 

There are also a few things to look at like filtering. You could be filtering out some unknown sender messages. Check out this link.

Anne's friend also has problems remembering passwords, and now his iPhone and desktop is activation locked. Leo says the iPhone has a separate passcode from the Apple ID, as does the computer. So it's no surprise he's forgotten. It's very common. You can take the phone to the Apple Store and they may help him to unlock it. He'll have to prove he owns the phone though.