Scott Wilkinson and Black November

Episode 1843 (29:00)

Black November

Scott joins Leo to talk about "Black Friday" deals, or what is rapidly becoming Black November, with deals all month long. Now is a great time to buy a new TV. No longer is this time of year designed to dump last year's model. Sort of. Right now is the time to get the latest models, because the new models will be coming out in January. One thing to beware is the $100 TVs. Those are likely 720p models.

Deals - Walmart has the TCL 6 series 65R635 at $999 (33% off). Best Buy has the Sony 65X90 for $1200. Samsung has the 75" Q8 for $1000 off. It has FALD and is a great bargain. The 85" is for $2500. Both are at BJs. LG 65C1 OLED has a $700 savings right now. The 48" is $1100 or 15% off. 

Are TVs affected by the supply chain shortage? Scott says he hasn't seen that they are specifically not available, but TVs do now have computer chips in them, so it's hard to believe they won't eventually be affected by the shortage. But so far, the stock seems to be holding.