The Giz Wiz ... What Three Words

Episode 1843 (2:26:30)


What 3 Words is a way for someone to find out exactly where you are using just 3 words. At Gizneyland the 3 words to find Dickie D are Park.Look.Tinsel. Here’s more info from the company: These days 70% of addresses will not take you to the front door, with 74% of people saying guests, services, and deliveries struggle to find them. And in the developing world, the Universal Postal Union estimates that 75% of countries have poorly maintained addressing systems, or none at all. what3words’ goal is to become a global standard for communicating location. It gives everyone and everywhere a simple, accurate, and reliable address. what3words addresses are currently available in more than 45 languages, allowing more than half of the world’s countries to use them in at least one of their official languages. Here’s how it works: what3words has taken the globe, and divided it into a grid of 3m squares, giving each one a unique what3words address, made of three words from the dictionary. For example, the front door to what3words’ London office can be found at ///filled.count.soap. Interested in trying it. The app is free for individuals and there’s an iOS and Android version.

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