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Episode 1843 November 13, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Amanda from Tustin, CA Comments

Amanda is in college and wants a Chromebook because it is small and portable. It should be great for homework and writing on the lap. The Microsoft Surface SE might be a good competitor, but Chromebooks are generally a nice choice for Google users. Go to Kevin Tofel's or check out the Asus Chromebook CX9.

Watch Mark from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Mark wants a better way to organize his notes and write data on his Windows computer. Leo says that he needs a file database. Scrivener is very popular with novelists. There's also Notion. It stores all the data in the cloud, however. Obsidian is a pretty good note-taking app as well. 

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Bill from Kingston, PA Comments

Bill is a longtime Motorola phone user. He really likes the peak always-on display. But he's heard that the Google Pixel 6 has that now too. How does it work? Leo says that it's all in the display settings. How does that work and not kill the battery? Leo says the only energy spent is from the small amount of white text on a black background, so it's barely noticeable.

Watch Tom from Carson, CA Comments

Tom doesn't like that Microsoft is requiring a Microsoft Account for Windows 11. Leo says that Microsoft really wants users to have an account, but there is a workaround in Windows 10. Tom can create a local account by disconnecting from the internet, and then try creating a Windows account. It will say that something went wrong, and Tom can just SKIP that Window. It should let him use a local account, instead of asking for a Microsoft account. But it will be required in Windows 11 Home Edition and moving forward...except for Windows Pro, which lets him create a local account.

There's also talk though, that the workaround doesn't work anymore. So it may be that Microsoft has disabled that.

From the chatroom, here's a few forum posts talking about how to solve it - or

Watch Arizona Lou from Arizona Comments

Arizona Lou would like to record his online comedy routines using his phone and Google Fi. How can he do it? Leo says that Google Voice will do it. Download the app, hit record or 4, and it will announce "call recording" and then it will record the entire phone call until he hits the record button again.  He can also use the Cube Call Widgets of What's App. Also Telegram. That also can do it.

Check out for his comedy.

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Watch MIke from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Mike may have been hacked, but there isn't a lot of apparent damage from it. He uses Windows 10, and he got a blue screen with a number to call regarding spyware. He called the number and they wanted remote access to the computer. Norton said the app was safe, but he didn't like what was happening and so he turned it off. Leo says that's wise. Microsoft will never contact users regarding spyware or anything else. So Mike was wise to realize it was a scam before they got any money out of him. But they may have installed even more malware on his computer with the remote access app. Chances are, there was a browser popup that triggered a fraudulent blue screen, but is actually a webpage.  Here's how it works -

And here's a link on how to reset a PC safely.

Chances are, they didn't install anything too bad. But if he wants to remove all doubt, the only way is to back up the data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. Then update it. But since Mike realized it was a scam almost immediately, they probably didn't have time to install more malware on it.

Mike was wise to trust his "spidey sense" on that, to be sure. 


Watch Doctor Mom from California Comments

Doctor Mom checks in to talk about new Amazon Alexa skill updates. There was a skill to read email, but Amazon killed it. More hospitals are also putting echos in hospital rooms in place of intercoms. But Doctor Mom says that they aren't HIPPA compliant, and that is a huge privacy issue. 

Watch Patrick from Redding, CA Comments

Patrick got a new Samsung S21 Ultra mobile phone with an under-screen fingerprint reader. He really doesn't like it because the after-market screen protector shows a circle where to put his finger on it. Leo says he can always get another model screen protector. Or just take it off. Leo doesn't use them and pulls them off. What about the liquid protectors? Leo says they pour this special liquid onto the screen and it's supposed to protect the screen. But Leo doesn't like those because if the screen breaks, it doesn't help him.  And it would be very difficult to take off.

From Mikah ... here's a breakdown of the best screen protectors for your phone.