Is My Laptop Overheating Normal?

Episode 1842 (2:03:00)

Brian from Wilmington, NC
Alienware Area 51M Laptop

Brian got an Alienware Area 51 Gaming laptop that he's been having trouble with. It's overheating to 80 degrees C. Leo says it's not abnormal for gaming laptops to run hot. But they are designed to throttle down when they get too hot. The fans will also be very loud as they spin up to 100%. But it's not uncommon to run hot. 

What's causing it in Brian's case? Well, it's possible that the thermal paste which pulls heat off the chip has been improperly installed. Either too little or too much. Most enthusiasts repaste their processor and end up running cooler. Check out the Alienware subReddit for tips.

It could also be faulty fan connections. So check on that. But read your warranty; cracking open the laptop could void it.

Another option is to get a platform with fans on it for your laptop. They're pretty cheap, but they can make a lot of difference in cooling an overheating laptop.