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Episode 1842 November 7, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Kenny from Cottontown, TN Comments

Kenny called yesterday about having issues installing macOS Monterey to his external drive and making it bootable: it kept failing. He realized that macOS might not recognize his 4TB SSD, so he partitioned it into a 2TB partitioned drive, and it worked!

Watch Todd from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Todd wants to know how to backup personal files on his work PC. Ideally, if there's an IT department, they'll have their own backup system to use. Or a managed service provider (MSP), who may have a set way to do it. But if not, it's on you to backup your data. To make a copy of things to work on at home, a good Thumb drive or portable external hard drive could do the job. But your IT policy may disable the USB ports as a security measure. Assuming you still have access and are allowed to, then a small USB drive is ideal. Leo likes the Samsung T7 Portable drive. $129 for 1TB. There's also the Western Digital Amourlock Drive. The great thing about that one is, it's locked until you unlock it with your phone. Good security feature.

You can also use Second Copy as backup software, IT permitting, which will watch and backup when you plug the drive in for backup.

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Watch Kurt from Orlando, FL Comments

Kurt wants to know what happened to TechTV and could it come back. Leo says that TechTV morphed into G4TV by Comcast, which went off the air a few years later. But the news is that G4 will relaunch on November 16th. But Leo won't be part of it since it's pretty much all about gaming.  

Watch Taylor from Austin, TX Comments

Taylor watches videos on TikTok, and he saw a video of an ATM crashing as a woman is making a deposit. When it came back up, it showed that the ATM was using Windows 7. Shouldn't it be more up-to-date? Leo says that some ATMs are still using Windows XP or even CE. But it's Windows embedded, which is designed for special hardware that Microsoft continues to update. Probably more secure than the most current version of Windows 11.

Watch Larry from San Bernardino, CA Comments

Larry Mac has a dead hard drive that he needs to get some crypto data from. It says it's "Raw." How can he tell what file system is being used? Leo says it could be HFS. That's likely. But it could be physically damaged, and there's nothing you can do. But if it's damaged at the software level, you could run SpinRite to recover the drive and the data. But first, make a bit for bit image copy of the drive. Then work from that. You don't want to further damage the original drive. So work on a copy of the drive. SpinRite will work on the lowest level of the drive, going through each sector to read it until it can get the data and move it to a better sector. For using Windows to read it, you want to get Paragon's HFS+ software. 

If that doesn't work, you can always resort to Drivesavers. It's not cheap, but that could be the only option if the data is critical. But it's not cheap. Still, a call could yield some more ideas.

Another thing is to use EaseUS Mac data recovery tools. And the drive may have died due to a bad controller. Replacing that may be expensive, but it's worth a try.

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Watch Adam from Torrance, CA Comments

Adam got a Pixel 4XL Android phone, but now it has a bad battery. He sent it in, but it looks like they got him a refurbished replacement phone. Leo says the same thing happened to him. The problem is that his replacement phone is doing the same thing. So he sent it back again and got yet another replacement phone. If it happens again, can he replace the battery? Leo says it's possible, but the battery is stuck in with glue strips. You have to be careful replacing the battery, but it could be done. iFixit could help show you how to do it. Understand though; it could void your warranty doing so.

Watch Brian from Wilmington, NC Comments

Brian got an Alienware Area 51 Gaming laptop that he's been having trouble with. It's overheating to 80 degrees C. Leo says it's not abnormal for gaming laptops to run hot. But they are designed to throttle down when they get too hot. The fans will also be very loud as they spin up to 100%. But it's not uncommon to run hot. 

What's causing it in Brian's case? Well, it's possible that the thermal paste which pulls heat off the chip has been improperly installed. Either too little or too much. Most enthusiasts repaste their processor and end up running cooler. Check out the Alienware subReddit for tips.

It could also be faulty fan connections. So check on that. But read your warranty; cracking open the laptop could void it.

Another option is to get a platform with fans on it for your laptop. They're pretty cheap, but they can make a lot of difference in cooling an overheating laptop.

Watch Pat from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Pat has a Google Pixel 5, and her husband has a Pixel 4. But after the Android 12 update, the Clock Widget and the PIN interface have gotten large. How can she reduce it? Leo says it sounds like the accessibility settings for the display have been changed. Look under Text and Display and see what the font size is. You can reduce them there. Also, look to see if Magnification has been enabled and turn that off. 

Watch Kip from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Kip has a Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone, and lately, the video has become "scrambled." The image is wonky with horizontal lines after a couple of seconds of youtube. Leo says that an easy thing to try is reinstalling the YouTube app. But with an older phone like the S10 could be a bad video driver. That would require a factory reset to fix, so you want to be sure you back up your data first. Leo advises backing up with both Google and Samsung. Once you do that, then you can run the reset and reinstall the OS. Then check to see if you have the same problem. If you do, then it's a hardware issue. If it doesn't, then it was a software issue that you've fixed. From there, it's looking at your app to see if that is interfering. But if it's a hardware issue, then the only solution is to replace the phone.

You can also go to another site like Vimeo or Rumble to see if you have the same problem. If you don't, then that could point to YouTube being the problem.