What Do We Do About Big Tech?

Episode 1840 (04:36)


Governments worldwide are working to figure out what to do about the power and influence of Big Tech. From Amazon to Facebook, technology companies wield extraordinary power in our lives and are doing things to keep the next generation of innovators and competitors out of the marketplace. The Attorney General is lodging a complaint, for example, against Google pertaining to how they use market clout to dominate online advertising. According to the complaint, Google has a secret deal with Facebook that would provide cover for both companies should people find out what they are doing to manipulate the online ad space. And while it's blatantly illegal, most people won't care because they don't understand.

Leo says that the company that used "don't be evil" as their slogan was extraordinarily evil behind the scenes. The result is not only impacting online advertising; it also affects user privacy. From the complaint, Google is forcing users to stay logged in across various platforms in their Chrome browser, and should you log out of Chrome; you are logged out of all of Google services. And if you log into one service, you get logged into all of them for the sake of collecting user browsing data and selling it in a market they've got cornered.