How Can I Roll Back to Windows 7?

Episode 1840 (2:27:01)

Richard from St. Charles, IL
Windows 7

Richard's friend upgraded his computer to Windows 10. He hates it. Can he roll back to Windows 7? Leo says that there is a limited time to roll back, but he'd advise against it since Windows 7 is no longer supported and is a security risk online. But if you're not planning to connect your computer to the internet, you could reinstall Windows 7 if you have the product key. Here's how -

Look on your computer, or use Belarc Advisor to lift it out of the code. You can still download Windows 7 ISOs from Microsoft. If you don't have the product key, you're out of luck.

Another option is to go to They have several utilities that can make Windows 10 look just like Windows 7. So if your preference is aesthetic, Stardock is the way to go. Keep Windows 10 and change how it looks.