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Episode 1840 October 24, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Michael from Union City, CA Comments

Michael has been experiencing issues where his watch is giving a warning that he's fallen when he hasn't. It also calls 911. It started after hitting a hard bump while driving. Leo says that's the Apple Watch's fall detection feature. You can go into the watch app's Emergency SOS settings(on your phone) and disable it if you don't tend to fall. You can also put in emergency notification contacts and turn up the haptics so you know it's happening and can stop it.

Watch Randy from Seattle, WA Comments

Randy's computer is having issues with HDMI after a recent Windows 10 update. Now the Amazon Fire Stick or his AppleTV won't connect. He gets a black screen. Leo isn't sure why HDMI stopped working, but it could be copy protection (HDCP) designed to prevent you from copying content. Everything in the chain, from the computer to the cables and devices, has to be HDCP compliant. With the update, it could be that Microsoft broke the HDCP compliance. Check your drivers. You could try a different video driver to reestablish it. Even an older driver, so try rolling back.

Randy also says that if you don't like the AppleTV remote control, you can train AppleTV to use a universal remote or an older remote control you're not using anymore. It's in the AppleTV settings under "learn remote." Good tip.

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Watch Marshall from Des Moines, IA Comments

After Marshall logs into a hotspot, he clears his cache after he's done. But every time he revisits a site in hotspots, it logs him back in. Doesn't clearing the cache wipe everything out? Leo says not necessarily. Most use a "captive portal" that saves a cookie in your cache to streamline the process and log you back in. When you clear the cache, you may not have removed all the cookies. Also, captive portals can use the Mac address of your device to remember you. So it's more like fingerprinting your device rather than adding a cookie.

Watch Scott from Arlington, TX Comments

Scott recently got an iPhone 13 Pro Max and wants to use it for mobile photography. Any tips? Leo says that the camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is amazing. Scott's best bet is to search YouTube for tips and tricks. Find someone you like and subscribe to their channel. On TWiT, there is Hands-on Photography with Ant Pruitt, but it isn't iPhone-specific. You'll pick up some great general tips though. Also, check out Chris Marquardt's podcast Tips from the Tip Floor. Chris enjoys mobile Photography and has some great tips. 

Apple has an iPhone photography playlist on YouTube that's also worth following. Leo also suggests looking in your area for a Photo walk, where a group of people walk around and take pictures. It can be very educational as you learn from people who share your passion. Photography workshops are also a good idea.

Watch Bill from Idaho Falls, ID Comments

Bill bought an Epson EcoTank printer and it's really slow. About 1 page an hour. It prints photo quality on everything. Leo says you can adjust the printer quality in the print settings. Set it for normal or even draft. That will not only make it faster, but it will use far less ink. Look for Print Setup in the printer dialogue box when you start printing. Depending on the program, there will be choices and presets. Click on the pull-down menu and select the choice. There may even be a print faster option. It should then become the default setting. Here's a technote on how.

Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul likes to take cruises with his wife and they're going to Russia soon. He wants to know how safe public wifi is. Can his phone get hacked? Leo says that as long as you don't join wifi, you're invisible. Once you join, you could be at risk. But a cellular connection could be subject to government spying as well. So if you're worried about it, turn off your cellular radio as well. It's in the settings. But it's likely not going to be an issue for you.

Watch Ted from Temecula, CA Comments

Ted has a huge CD and DVD Music collection, which has he ripped on his iMac. But recently, one CD he tried to rip with Handbrake, and the audio is just terrible. He looked in Handbrake, and it says they don't defeat copy protection. Is that new? Leo says to try MacX DVD. Copy protection doesn't stop pirates. It only frustrates and annoys those who play by the rules. It's the reason why many music labels have stopped using copy protection: it doesn't work.

Watch Karen from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Karen recently bought an LG Stylo 6. But then LG announced they were no longer updating the phone. She wants to update to the latest Android 12. Leo says that LG is still pushing out security updates for the phone every month. So you haven't been abandoned. But sadly, Android 12 will not be coming to the phone.

But you can "root" it to put Android 11 on yourself. It's possible and a bit geeky. Check out and look up the exact model of your phone. You'll find instructions on how there.

There's also a technote on how to sideload Android 11 on the LG Style 6. Click the link to the left. 

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Watch Alan from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Alan is having issues with File Explorer. It’s preventing him from making a copy of a file. He wants to overwrite a file, not have a new version. Leo says that a recent update may no longer offer the option of overwriting a file. You can do it still, at the command line. There is a “switch” for that. But in the Graphic interface, the behavior seems to have changed and forced versioning. Alan could try r/c on the file and see if the option is there. You can r/c and drag it into the folder. That’s a secret overwrite command.

Watch Jim from Burbank, CA Comments

Jim has a Samsung Note 20 after making "the switch" from the iPhone. Leo says that some people like a "boring phone" while others like to get under the hood and tinker with it. Others just like to be creative and are happy to let the phone do all the work for them. Both platforms have merit, so to each his own. That's why Android is a better choice for Jim.

Watch Richard from St. Charles, IL Comments

Richard's friend upgraded his computer to Windows 10. He hates it. Can he roll back to Windows 7? Leo says that there is a limited time to roll back, but he'd advise against it since Windows 7 is no longer supported and is a security risk online. But if you're not planning to connect your computer to the internet, you could reinstall Windows 7 if you have the product key. Here's how -

Look on your computer, or use Belarc Advisor to lift it out of the code. You can still download Windows 7 ISOs from Microsoft. If you don't have the product key, you're out of luck.

Another option is to go to They have several utilities that can make Windows 10 look just like Windows 7. So if your preference is aesthetic, Stardock is the way to go. Keep Windows 10 and change how it looks.

Watch Michael from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michael is having issues with Microsoft 365 and its collaboration feature. It seems to only work in Word/Excel. Not an email in Outlook. He has to use Word as a middle man. Leo says it may just be a feature Microsoft hasn't included per se, though there is limited functionality. Here's a link to what you can do in Outlook.