Scott Wilkinson and Dune

Episode 1839 (23:32)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson went to see Dune this week, a remake of the 80s David Lynch cult classic. It's actually based on Frank Herbert's novel that many said was unfilmable. Leo says he was prepared to hate it, but he loved it. He saw it at home on HBO Max, but Scott says you should see it in theaters. Especially IMAX. It looked and sounded incredible. There is a change in aspect ratio, but it didn't bother him. It was visually brilliant, and the soundtrack was fantastic. 

Scott also found it hard to understand the dialogue at times, however. Micah Sargeant uses captions when he watches a movie, so that may be the way to go. But Leo says you can listen on stereo speakers. You lose out on some of the immersive capability, but that's OK. Scott says Dune can get loud though; up to 122 decibels. But it looks beautiful. 

Leo says that times have changed, though, as for watching a saga in the movie theater. He'd rather watch it at home on his home theater system. And Dune is only half the book, as part 1. And nobody has heard if part 2 has been green-lit yet. Putting it in the theaters kind of represents the last hurrah of Hollywood's movie palace era. 

Leo says they should have made it as a long-running streaming series, making it like Game of Thrones.