How Do I Regain Control of My Files?

Episode 1839 (1:12:32)

Skyler from Cooper City, FL

Skyler has been backing up his computer to an external drive using robocopy. But when he tries to access the backup, he loses access to the files after restoring. Leo says that there are two versions on Windows. The app and the command-line utility. It sounds like there's an ownership issue. So Schuyler needs to claim ownership of the files. R/C file. Properties. Security tab. Change owner. See if you can access that file then. If that works, then you can try doing it at the folder level. You can also make the ownership to everyone; that way it doesn't matter. And there's probably a PowerShell command to do it in batches.

The command-line option is ICACLS /T Everyone:F.

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