Will MS Flight Simulator Play on PS5?

Episode 1837 (49:22)

Frank from Carlsbad, CA
Flight Simulator

Frank wants to know more about Google Photos and how he can create animations and collages. Leo says to "heart" them, and then go into creations and see where Google Photos has automatically created a viewing show. Then share that online.

Frank also wants to know if his PS5 will let him do a flight simulator like Microsoft's. Leo says that the Microsoft Flight Sim is coming out for the PS5, and if he has a 4K 120hz TV, that would be a fun way to play the sim. But Mikah Sergeant says the Xbox may be a better option for MS Flight Sim since the game is written to optimize for a Windows-based PC or Xbox. That's what the gamers are saying. But the Xbox X is even harder to get right now due to the computer chip shortage. The best option is probably a dedicated PC with three monitors, for the best immersion.