Why Can't I Use iDrive With My New Mac?

Episode 1837 (2:07:00)

Rick from Mission Viejo, CA

Rick got a new M1 Mac, but iDrive isn't backing up to it and it won't access the website. Leo says it sounds like macOS is blocking iDrive and keeping it from backing up the hard drive. If there is any security software, disable it. Try then. It could be that the AVS, which he doesn't need for macOS, is blocking the IP. If he's using a VPN, that could be causing security software to prevent access. Leo has a hunch that the DNS may be blocked, and that could be the security software, router, or even a VPN. A proxy server like TOR Guard may be doing it as well. Look in the network system preference pane and turn off any proxy servers. Also, look for any malicious extension in Safari that could be doing it. He may also have to edit the Hosts file because of it. Here's a link to how - https://www.imore.com/how-edit-your-macs-hosts-file-and-why-you-would-want. Also this - https://www.vpnunlimited.com/help/manuals/how-to-manually-remove-a-profile-on-macos