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Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob has a Roku app that's making odd noises in his Home Theater system. It's part of his TCL 6-series that's hooked into his Denon receiver via HDMI through the audio return channel (ARC). Leo isn't much of a fan of the apps built into smart TVs. They are almost never updated and usually are poorly written. Leo says it sounds like an encoding issue with Dolby. Look in the TV settings (or the Roku Stick settings) and either turn it on (if it's off) or off (if it's on). Set it for PCM and it should fix it. See if that fixes the problem.

Scott Wilkinson says it's likely a decoding issue, and he thinks that the receiver isn't understanding the encoding a five-year-old receiver isn't getting. 

Watch Doug from North Carolina Comments

Doug recently got a Chromebook and read an article that he shouldn't be using one for any online use. Leo says that's what a Chromebook was designed to do. They are very safe and secure.  He can't run stand-alone apps on it, but there are plenty of cloud-based apps that can do the job, and safely.

 So go ahead and use it online. That's what it's designed to do.

Watch Frank from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Frank wants to know more about Google Photos and how he can create animations and collages. Leo says to "heart" them, and then go into creations and see where Google Photos has automatically created a viewing show. Then share that online.

Frank also wants to know if his PS5 will let him do a flight simulator like Microsoft's. Leo says that the Microsoft Flight Sim is coming out for the PS5, and if he has a 4K 120hz TV, that would be a fun way to play the sim. But Mikah Sergeant says the Xbox may be a better option for MS Flight Sim since the game is written to optimize for a Windows-based PC or Xbox. That's what the gamers are saying. But the Xbox X is even harder to get right now due to the computer chip shortage. The best option is probably a dedicated PC with three monitors, for the best immersion.

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Watch Greg from New Brunswick, Canada Comments

Greg's parents are having issues with their PC and remote desktop. He'll log in, and there's nothing happening. It freezes up. Windows has a repair function that could work to fix any files that are corrupted. They'll need the Windows Media Creation Tool and a USB thumb drive. Download and save it. Run the Media Creation Tool and it will make a USB key with the installation routine on it. First, though, Run the Windows System File Checker. Type Windows Key SFC. That's the system file checker, and it will check files and replace any corrupted files. If that doesn't work, then run the repair utility on the installation key. If that doesn't fix it, then it's time to reinstall Windows. 

Watch Diego from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Diego bought a service manual online for his car and he's having issues opening it through the browser. Leo says EDGE should be able to open PDF files, and it should be on the computer already. But when Diego does that, the CD freezes. Leo says it could be copy-protected, and that could be causing the problem. If he can get it off the CD, that would help. But they may have coded it in such a way that he can only open it through Internet Explorer due to copy protection. But Microsoft has killed Internet Explorer now. So Diego may be stuck. 

Another thing he can do is open the files on an older computer that still uses Internet Explorer. 

Watch Wayne from San Diego, CA Comments

Wayne is looking for a good program to manage his finances and do banking. Leo says that Quicken is really the most popular. But the downside is, they charge every year for critical updates. But online banking sites like Mint and Personal Capital have really taken over with cloud-based financial apps that can work really well. And the best part is, they're free. 

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Watch Paul from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Paul recently bought a MacBook Air, but the latest version of LibreOffice doesn't work on it. It won't save. Have they changed the software with the new Mac? Leo says that LibreOffice is a great open-source option to Microsoft Office. However, with the latest M1 Macs, Libre has to use Rosetta until the suite is updated for the M1 platform. But it's likely that there's a permissions issue due to macOS Catalina's new security features. So it may not be able to ask for permission. What Leo suggests is going into the security system preference pane and give Libre full access. Here's a technote from LibreOffice about it. And the worst part is, he'll have to regrant the permissions with every update to macOS.

Watch Jerry from Great Falls, MT Comments

Jerry wants to get a 4K streaming box. Is Apple TV as good as Roku? Leo says yes. But it's also twice as expensive. But he can get a more powerful box, which is important for 4K video streaming. And if he has an iPhone, he will get better AirPlay from the Apple TV, rather than the Roku. But the Roku is a better device for streaming.

Watch Rick from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Rick got a new M1 Mac, but iDrive isn't backing up to it and it won't access the website. Leo says it sounds like macOS is blocking iDrive and keeping it from backing up the hard drive. If there is any security software, disable it. Try then. It could be that the AVS, which he doesn't need for macOS, is blocking the IP. If he's using a VPN, that could be causing security software to prevent access. Leo has a hunch that the DNS may be blocked, and that could be the security software, router, or even a VPN. A proxy server like TOR Guard may be doing it as well. Look in the network system preference pane and turn off any proxy servers. Also, look for any malicious extension in Safari that could be doing it. He may also have to edit the Hosts file because of it. Here's a link to how - Also this -