Rod Pyle: Foundation & William Shatner

Episode 1836 (2:23:20)

Rod Pyle

Rod joins Leo to talk about Foundation, the Isaac Asimov series on Apple TV+. Rod agrees that it's beautifully shot and tries really hard to be profound, but the characters are just dry and boring. 

In other space news: William Shatner is going into space on October 13th, aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard. Shatner, who's 90 years old, will become the oldest human to go into space. Shatner is planning on writing a new song about his experience. On Netflix, there is a limited series about Inspiration 4's mission called Countdown, and Rod says it's excellent. A great documentary that chronicles the entire mission. But Rod wishes there was one more episode about the post-flight, but it's very well done overall. 

There's also a very good space documentary on Vimeo, called Secrets of the Solar System - Mars.