Why Isn’t My Ring Doorbell Working in Cold Weather?

Episode 1835 (2:01:10)

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi has a Ring doorbell that's hardwired into her house. But the cold weather is causing the doorbell to malfunction. Leo says that if it gets below 36 degrees, the battery in the RING may not be charging properly. Even though the Ring is hard-wired. But that should only affect it if the power goes out. The RING should still function under normal conditions. Doctor Mom says that even though it's wired, the battery is the main source of power, so that's why it's malfunctioning. The cold weather isn't charging the battery and so it doesn't work. 

Leo recommends replacing the Ring with the Nest Hello doorbell. But if she wants to spend less money, WYZE makes a video doorbell too, for much less. It also has face recognition, which is neat.  It's also designed to be weather resistant. It's just $50, but there is a $1.99 subscription price but that includes video storage and facial recognition. Without the subscription, she'd just get motion detection, which may be enough.

How can she have her video doorbell just do 2.4 GHz? Leo says she may have to move the doorbell far enough away from the router to cause the 5ghz to drop out. Pair the doorbell, and then she should be OK. But there they've also just put a software switch in to enable her to select the proper frequency. Look in the settings.