Why Can't I Run the Windows 11 Compatibility Checker?

Episode 1835 (45:10)

Larry from San Francisco, CA
 Windows 11

Larry tried to see if he could install Windows 11 last night and had problems with secure boot enabling. Leo says that secure boot is in the BIOS and it should have been turned on when Larry installed Windows 10. So that means it had to have been turned off recently. Windows also will need TPM 2.0 to support Windows 11, so Larry's computer could be too old to support it. And since Larry's computer is home-built, it may not have "GPT," which is the modern version of the master boot record. Larry also wants to have Legacy mode turned off. And he'll have to back up data and completely format it before installing from scratch. He can't just run the upgrade utility. Leo also says that it isn't really a rush to upgrade. It's mostly a cosmetic update.