Scott Wilkinson ... In the Room

Episode 1835 (25:51)


Scott joins Leo to talk about LightField Labs recent announcement that they utilized light field technology to create a 3D image in front of an image. The end result is a much more realistic video depiction that could make it like you're "in the room" during video calls. And its orders of magnitude more advanced than previous attempts. Scott says that light field technology really replicates how things exactly appear in the world, by grabbing light from every direction, like your eye does from the real world. And you don't even need to watch fromĀ a special angle to see it either. The light field also offers up to 10 billion pixels, hundreds of degrees of magnitude more than conventional 2D images. It's the next step towards a live-streamed hologram. But Leo says we'll never see it in our lifetime. It's a lot like 3D. A lot of hype, but never living up to it.