Has My Phone Been Hacked?

Episode 1835 (1:10:30)

Anne from Palos Verdes, CA

Anne wants to know if her cellphone has been hacked. She got a Gmail that she renewed a subscription for over $1400. Leo says to check her credit card to make sure she wasn't charged. And NEVER reply. They're trying to get to her response so they can socially engineer personal data from her. And if she responds, they know her account is legit. It's called a phishing scam. Has her cellphone been hacked? Leo says no. It's just SPAM.

Anne is also concerned that CLEAR is requiring a photo of her driver's license at the airport. Leo says it's going to get even worse, with biometric data, where it scans her eye to verify her identity. Once the biometrics are in a database, she is permanently cataloged, and she can't change that. So if she hasn't signed up for CLEAR, don't. She doesn't need it.