Do I Need a Microsoft Account to Run Windows 11?

Episode 1835 (2:20:20)

Tom from Carson, CA
windows 11

Tom hears that Windows 11 will require a Microsoft account. Leo says that's true. But what about for business? Leo says if he has an enterprise license, no. Leo says if he has individual computers, he'll need individual accounts. Just make a dummy account. They're free from Microsoft. Also, if he buys Windows 11 Pro, he can just use a local account, and not sign up.

Tom also started using iDrive for backup, and he's getting a failure running the backup. He's discovered that Microsoft OneDrive is fueling the error. Leo says he won't want to mix and match backups. OneDrive doesn't just mirror the drive, it shadows it, saving the data in the cloud and not locally. So that could be causing the backup error. Very annoying. And Microsoft Office does the same thing. He will need to go into settings and tell OneDrive not to do that, store stuff locally, and make a backup to the cloud.