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Episode 1835 October 9, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jacob from Orange County, California Comments

Jacob's laptop had a whole bowl of sugar dropped on it. Is it OK? Leo says that since it's dry sugar, it's probably OK. Try and shake it out first. Then take a picture of the keyboard for reference and then gently pry off the keycaps. This will expose the switches underneath. You can then use a can of air to blow out any lingering granules of sugar. A vacuum with a small attachment will also work. Then all you need to do is press the keycaps down in the proper order.

Watch Larry from San Francisco, CA Comments

Larry tried to see if he could install Windows 11 last night and had problems with secure boot enabling. Leo says that secure boot is in the BIOS and it should have been turned on when Larry installed Windows 10. So that means it had to have been turned off recently. Windows also will need TPM 2.0 to support Windows 11, so Larry's computer could be too old to support it. And since Larry's computer is home-built, it may not have "GPT," which is the modern version of the master boot record. Larry also wants to have Legacy mode turned off. And he'll have to back up data and completely format it before installing from scratch. He can't just run the upgrade utility. Leo also says that it isn't really a rush to upgrade. It's mostly a cosmetic update. 

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Watch Anne from Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Anne wants to know if her cellphone has been hacked. She got a Gmail that she renewed a subscription for over $1400. Leo says to check her credit card to make sure she wasn't charged. And NEVER reply. They're trying to get to her response so they can socially engineer personal data from her. And if she responds, they know her account is legit. It's called a phishing scam. Has her cellphone been hacked? Leo says no. It's just SPAM.

Anne is also concerned that CLEAR is requiring a photo of her driver's license at the airport. Leo says it's going to get even worse, with biometric data, where it scans her eye to verify her identity. Once the biometrics are in a database, she is permanently cataloged, and she can't change that. So if she hasn't signed up for CLEAR, don't. She doesn't need it.

Watch Fran from Irvine, CA Comments

Fran wants to know how she can transfer data from her external hard drives from her new Mac. Leo says that there's a migration assistant on the new Mac that will walk her through it.  But depending on how old her Mac is, she may be stuck with a certain version of macOS, but she should be able to migrate the data straight over no matter what version macOS is. Does she have to have Apple do it? Leo says no. That iMac will ask her the first time if she has an old Mac. Just connect them and then log in to the old Mac and it should migrate it over automatically. Will it do the external drives? Leo says it may not do it automatically. But that's a simple drag and drop.  And if she is using Time Machine, it could ask her that as well. Plug in that drive, and it'll automatically be moved over.

Watch Kenny from Cottontown, TN Comments

Kenny has a Mac and is concerned his Norton antivirus software is vulnerable. Leo says he doesn't really need an antivirus app on a Mac. There are so few Mac viruses and their updates are nearly instant when one pops up. So an AVS isn't really helping. It's hindering. In fact, it may be that macOS is blocking it since it doesn't allow invasive apps like Norton to burrow in. So take it off.  


Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi has a Ring doorbell that's hardwired into her house. But the cold weather is causing the doorbell to malfunction. Leo says that if it gets below 36 degrees, the battery in the RING may not be charging properly. Even though the Ring is hard-wired. But that should only affect it if the power goes out. The RING should still function under normal conditions. Doctor Mom says that even though it's wired, the battery is the main source of power, so that's why it's malfunctioning. The cold weather isn't charging the battery and so it doesn't work. 

Leo recommends replacing the Ring with the Nest Hello doorbell. But if she wants to spend less money, WYZE makes a video doorbell too, for much less. It also has face recognition, which is neat.  It's also designed to be weather resistant. It's just $50, but there is a $1.99 subscription price but that includes video storage and facial recognition. Without the subscription, she'd just get motion detection, which may be enough.

How can she have her video doorbell just do 2.4 GHz? Leo says she may have to move the doorbell far enough away from the router to cause the 5ghz to drop out. Pair the doorbell, and then she should be OK. But there they've also just put a software switch in to enable her to select the proper frequency. Look in the settings.

Watch Tom from Carson, CA Comments

Tom hears that Windows 11 will require a Microsoft account. Leo says that's true. But what about for business? Leo says if he has an enterprise license, no. Leo says if he has individual computers, he'll need individual accounts. Just make a dummy account. They're free from Microsoft. Also, if he buys Windows 11 Pro, he can just use a local account, and not sign up.

Tom also started using iDrive for backup, and he's getting a failure running the backup. He's discovered that Microsoft OneDrive is fueling the error. Leo says he won't want to mix and match backups. OneDrive doesn't just mirror the drive, it shadows it, saving the data in the cloud and not locally. So that could be causing the backup error. Very annoying. And Microsoft Office does the same thing. He will need to go into settings and tell OneDrive not to do that, store stuff locally, and make a backup to the cloud. 

Watch Kent from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Kent wants to know if he can use an Apple Watch without an iPhone. Leo says not anymore. But he can set it up with a family member's iPhone. That's a helpful feature. But at the end of the day, he will need an iPhone to activate the watch. If he doesn't want an Apple Watch, then he should look at the Fitbit or Android Wear watch. There's also Garmin.

Watch Maria from San Diego, CA Comments

Maria is looking to get her first smartphone with T-Mobile. She wants to know if she can use her phone's WiFi with her laptop. Leo says yes, she can connect the laptop to the smartphone and use the phone's "hotspot mode." But it may cost extra. About $10 a month. And even if she has unlimited data, hot-spotting may come with a bandwidth cap. So check the fine print. T-Mobile also has home internet. That would be faster and far better