How Can I Turn an iPad Mini Into a Mobile Phone?

Episode 1834 (59:53)

Nuss from Del Rey Beach, FL
iPad Mini 2021

Nuss wants to know if there's a way to turn his iPad Mini into a phone. Most phones he sees aren't big enough for him. Leo says you want to make sure your iPad has LTE built-in. But that's data only. But you can then use a service like TalkATone, which gives you an actual phone number. It has texting, voicemail, the works. But you also have to have a deal with a cellular phone company for the VOIP service. Leo would recommend using Google Fi because it's the same price no matter where you are. Another option is Google Voice or Skype, or the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3: it's expensive though. Leo doesn't think the folding screen is ready for prime time yet, but it's an option.