Can I Print From My Phone via Bluetooth?

Episode 1834 (14:38)

Paul from Roseberg, OR
iPhone SE

Paul has an iPhone SE and wants to know how he can print from it without having to do it via WiFi. Leo says you really can't. Apple wants an iPhone to print via WiFi (called Air Printing), but if your printer is Bluetooth compatible, you can try printing via Bluetooth. If you don't have a Bluetooth-capable printer, you can get a Bluetooth Printer Adapter. 

HP makes a few models that use Bluetooth. So check there. All you'll need to do is pair your phone to the printer after it's been made discoverable, and you can print.

A lot of printers also support AdHoc printing, where you connect the phone directly using a hotspot mode without having to connect to a network. You want a printer that can support "WiFi Direct." Once you've done that, you can print as well. Check out this article.