Scott Wilkinson gets Boosted

Episode 1833 (25:50)


Scott joins Leo to continue his complaint about the bad mixing of surround sound on AppleTV+ programs like FOUNDATION. He's boosted his center channel volume five times and it's still too faint. Leo says it may just be that it was badly mixed for spatial audio, and it makes him think that spatial audio is like 3D. And it'll soon go the way of the dodo.

In other home theater news, Amazon announced recently that they will have their own in-house TV brand. Scott says there's no word who's making them, but he thinks that TCL is the likely candidate. The TVs will come in sizes ranging from 43-65" screens and be HDR. There will also be a higher-end Omni brand that will go up to 75" and have full-array local dimming. And you can't beat the price - $850 for 65" and $1100 for 75". All models will also have Amazon FireTV built-in.  Amazon is also going to put out a FireTV Stick 4K Max, which will have DolbyVision, HDR10+, and more.