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Episode 1833 October 2, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Tom from Wilmington, NC Comments

Tom wants to know what's up with Apple TV+, but it seems that they're having a "hissy fit" with the app on Roku. He's always having to sign in. So it keeps forgetting the password. Leo says Tom's Apple password is the password. But Tom says he gets a "password is invalid" error. Leo says that Tom may be putting in the wrong password. He could be logging in with his iCloud account, not his Apple account. He could have also created a new account when he first signed up for Apple TV+. So it can get very confusing. 

Watch Paula from Temecula, CA Comments

Paula is a teacher and wants to teach her kids how to program video games. Leo says that SWIFT PLAYGROUNDS for the iPad is a great way to get started. And now users can even publish apps directly from it. MIT has an app called SCRATCH which is designed for middle school - high school age.  And Carnegie Mellon has ALICE. It works from the browser. For teaching kids programming with math, there's Racket and Bootstrap. These are good because it also includes support from those who have learned from them.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Charles from North Carolina Comments

Charles wants to know if he should upgrade to a WiFi 6 mesh router. Leo says if you want to future proof, it may be a good idea, but he won't get more than 10% better performance. And it's not so much the devices are faster, but that WiFi 6 networks are better at managing all the devices that can connect to the network. Up to 73 of them. And most of the devices aren't WiFi 6 compatible. And WiFi 6e is coming quickly, followed by WiFi 7. So it's OK to skip a generation.

Watch Anthony from Ventura, CA Comments

Anthony can't get his computer to read his OnePlus 8 mobile phone. He plugs it in and there's no popup asking him if he wants to read it as a drive or a camera. Leo says to go into the USB settings and look for a mass storage mode. Choose it. Then it should show up as a hard drive. It may also be referred to as USB Transfer Mode. 

The cable he's using may not have a data connection. It could just be for power. So if he can get a USB-C data cable, the popup should happen. 

Watch John from Fallbrook, CA Comments

John is being pestered by robocalls. How can he stop it? Leo says that until the FCC starts prosecuting, it's really a game of whack-a-mole. Most companies are offering to block for free now.  There are systems like RoboKiller and NoMoRobo but he has to run calls through them. It makes sense, but Leo isn't thrilled with it. They both have a "try before buy" as well.  Google Voice can do that as well. And the real problem is, that most of the calls are "spoofing" the caller ID, so people have no idea what the real phone number is to block it. 

Watch Brian from Atlanta, GA Comments

Brian complains that Siri has stopped replying to a lot of commands, especially in Uber. Leo says that Apple has made a change to Siri, which has caused it to lose many capabilities with third-party apps. Leo says it's a huge mistake. Leo also says that Uber has made some changes which blocks Siri support.  iOS 15 cites security issues to deprecate support for third-party apps with Siri. One way around this is to build shortcuts that can be triggered with Siri.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Fred from Upland, CA Comments

Fred used DirecTV's recording feature, but he's having issues with it. Leo says it could be the cable connection. It could also be that DirecTV's DVR sucks, much like cable DVRs, do. But Leo thinks it may be congestion due to wireless interruption. Connecting straight to the device via COAX would be a much better solution. Wired is always better.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim wants to know if there's a text-to-speech reader out there. Leo says that there are a lot of text-to-speech devices out there.  Leo hasn't used any, but MyEye by Orcam looks interesting. It attaches to glasses, which makes it interesting. But also expensive. 

Julian Vargas calls in to recommend free or low-cost options like the iPhone. There's an app called SeeingAI from Microsoft. It's a collection of tools for the blind to access information including pointing the phone camera to the text and it reads what it sees.  On the Android side, there's also an app called LookOut. And don't forget Google Lens and Google Lookout

Check out Julian's website -

Watch Julian Vargas from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Julian Vargas calls in to recommend free or low cost camera text reader options like the iPhone. There's an app called SeeingAI from Microsoft. It's a collection of tools for the blind to access information including pointing the phone camera to the text and it reads what it sees.  On the Android side, there's also an app called  Google Lookout. And don't forget Google Lens. 

Check out Julian's website -

Watch Carmine from Chicago, IL Comments

Carmine has an electric vehicle and wants to know what's the difference between level 1 through level 3 charging. Leo says it's the size of the water pipe for the electricity. It uses the same amount of electricity, it just depends on how fast he wants it. The bigger the pipe, the more it costs. So charging an electric car in the middle of the day will cost more than filling it in the middle of the night, when demand is lower. He'll also need special 40 amp circuits and 240v AC plug receptacles to use them. That will require an electrician. It's about $200. Level 3 is DC fast charging, not AC. It's what Tesla Superchargers use. It's around 480v DC, but it varies according to load. 

Level 1 - 12 hours full charge

Level 2 - 4 hours full charge

Level 3 - about an hour

Of course, that depends on the car, what the range is, and how depleted the battery is. But overnight is very doable for most people driving around town. But get a level 2 charger at home.