What’s the Best Satellite Internet Option?

Episode 1832 (1:11:00)

Newt from Aliso Viejo, CA

Newt wants to know what's the best option for satellite internet. Leo says that Elon Musk's Starlink really is the best bet out there. It keeps getting faster as SpaceX launches more satellites, with the goal of having total global coverage. But it's not cheap at $99 a month and over $500 for the equipment. But for a rural area, it's the best bet. 

Should he get a new iMac now, or wait? Leo says that Apple is about to announce new macs next month, so it's definitely worth waiting for, especially if you want a larger screen.

Newt is also getting problems with his laptop hard drive. Did he do the right thing by getting iDrive?  Leo says that hard drives are commonly failing as they get older. So it pays to keep your computer backed up, and iDrive is an excellent off-site option (a sponsor of The Tech Guy radio show).