Rod Pyle and the Final Frontier

Episode 1832 (1:40:45)

Rod joins Leo to talk about William Shatner's upcoming flight into space, which, at age 90, will cement his status as the oldest living man to go into space as part of the next Blue Origin New Shepard space flight. It'll be part of a documentary from Amazon, and it's sure to be a grand adventure for Captain Kirk.

In other space news, SpaceX is currently under FAA review for Starship operations in Boca Chica, TX. This has caused a delay in routine tests that the company has had this year.  Rod says that Americans can publicly comment on the investigation: comment on the FAA's launch review of SpaceX's Starship/Boca Chica launch site here. Every voice in support of launch operations helps.

Check out Rod Pyle's book Space 2.0 here, or visit AdAstra Magazine.