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Episode 1832 September 26, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mike from San Luis Obispo, CA Comments

Mike keeps having problems where online forms won't accept his email address, saying it's not a valid email. It doesn't matter what browser or computer he uses. What gives? Leo says to make sure you're using a US region keyboard in the regional settings. It may have been changed unwittingly. It also could be an issue with your keyboard driver. Gmail also acknowledges dots and dashes in an email, while some websites do not. So if you have, Gmail will accept that, but a form may not. 

What Leo advises though, is to think about what is the common denominator on all those issues. It could be a security issue with your network. Check a different network: go down to a local Starbucks and log in to see if the problem occurs again. It could be that your ISP is blocking forms for some reason. 

Watch Jay from Lake City, FL Comments

Jay is nearly blind and is looking to improve his accessibility to a computer. Leo says that both Microsoft and Apple work hard to make iOS, Android, Windows and Mac good with accessibility. What is the most accessible computer for the money? Leo says HP, Dell and Apple are all very good with accessibility. Leo recommends going to a big box store like Costco and get one. Costco has a great price, usually on older models, and a very liberal return policy. So if you bring it home and don't like it, they'll refund your money up a month after purchase.

Watch Raphael from Burbank, CA Comments

Raphael has an Apple Watch Series 1, and he has trouble updating it. It gives him an error. Could it be his watch? Leo says that he has the same problem with his Series 6. You probably have to reset your watch before updating. It's in the settings. It'll take time to do the whole thing, but it's the only way to update the watch. Leo says it's a normal thing.

Watch Billy from Hollywood, CA Comments

Billy has a four-year-old Insignia TV and wants to listen to the audio with Bluetooth speakers. But it doesn't have Bluetooth; what can he do? Leo says that Bluetooth has latency issues that will drive you nuts watching TV. Leo would recommend wireless headphones; he likes the SennheiserTV brand. Another option is to get a Roku streaming box. Most of the models have a headphone jack built into the remote. So you can plug in headphones and listen without your neighbors complaining. Leo recommends the Roku Ultra. 

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Watch Frank from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Frank says that his Kodak digital picture frame is nice because people can share photos with you by email and automatically load them onto the frame. Leo says that Kodak stopped making that frame back in 2012, but with just about any internet-capable frame through Google Photos, you can do that.

Watch Robin from San Pedro, CA Comments

Robin recently bought a refurbished laptop for a cheap price. Could it be a scam? Leo says it could be. Leo tends to recommend buying refurbished directly from the manufacturer. They are perfectly fine. But a third-party refurb is another story. It's coming from China; will it have spyware on it? Leo says that would be the least of his worries; you can always wipe the drive and reinstall Windows to get rid of it. And the price is so cheap; it's likely a recycled laptop that is being resold. 

Robin is also thinking of making a switch from Apple to Android. He wants a large screen. What's the best option there for the money? Leo says that the Motorola Moto G9 is a bargain and it has a huge screen. And you can't beat the price at around $300.

Watch Newt from Aliso Viejo, CA Comments

Newt wants to know what's the best option for satellite internet. Leo says that Elon Musk's Starlink really is the best bet out there. It keeps getting faster as SpaceX launches more satellites, with the goal of having total global coverage. But it's not cheap at $99 a month and over $500 for the equipment. But for a rural area, it's the best bet. 

Should he get a new iMac now, or wait? Leo says that Apple is about to announce new macs next month, so it's definitely worth waiting for, especially if you want a larger screen.

Newt is also getting problems with his laptop hard drive. Did he do the right thing by getting iDrive?  Leo says that hard drives are commonly failing as they get older. So it pays to keep your computer backed up, and iDrive is an excellent off-site option (a sponsor of The Tech Guy radio show).

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Watch Jay from Wooster, MA Comments

Jay has reached the end of his rope with his father's iPad. It won't read emails with Siri. Leo says that it's possible that his dad's iPad is old and as such, some features aren't supported anymore. Apple could have broken that feature during an update. It could be that the accessibility settings have been turned off. Look in the settings to see if the speech controller is enabled. Go into the accessibility settings and make sure the settings are enabled. Leo tried it with his iPad Mini, and it didn't work either. So it could be that Siri is just plain broken. Leo also recommends calling the Apple Accessibility Hotline for help. 877-204-3930. It's a special hotline designed to help solve accessibility issues on Apple products.

Watch Daniel from Fresno, CA Comments

Daniel wants to know if Apple still offers iTunes Match. Leo says they do, though it's been replaced by Apple Music. But you can still subscribe for $25 a year. It'll then upload all the songs on your devices and match them in complete AAC sound. It won't be available on the Apple streaming service, but in your iCloud Library. Will that prevent it from playing on my Amazon Alexa? Leo says that Amazon took that feature out, so you can't now. Annoying. 

There is an Amazon Echo skill called MyMedia that could do it. MyPod is a skill that will play off Google Drive. Here's how.

You could also try Plex. 

Watch Mark from Orange County, CA Comments

Mark bought a new Tesla Model 3, but he wondered if he should cancel the order and buy a Mustang Mach E instead. Leo says he drove a Model X for a few years and loved it. But he also loves his Mach E. So Leo thinks you'll be happy with either one.