Johnny Jet... Back From the Desert

Episode 1831 (1:14:55)

Johnny is back from a desert getaway at a VRBO home. VRBO stands for Vacation Rental By Owner, but they go by "Verbo." They stayed at Anthony Bourdain's vacation house. They visited Palm Springs, Joshua Tree Forest, and Pioneer Ghost Town. 

Big news in Travel ... the US will finally open up travel for international travelers who are vaccinated starting in November. But the borders are still closed for driving traffic on both North and South borders. You also have to be tested three days prior no matter your vaccination status. For the unvaccinated, you have to be subject to contact tracing (which Johnny doubts will really happen) and have a negative Covid Test 24 hours before the flight and after the flight. 

If you're booking international travel for the holidays, do it with a US-based airline. That way, if the trip is canceled, you'll get a credit that can also be used for a domestic flight.

Hulo Hulo is a new rideshare app for Hawaii. It's like Uber, but very Hawaiian-centric. They are allowing drivers to upload their vax status so that passengers can have a choice of a vaxxed driver.

Delta has banned over 1600 passengers this year and is pushing for sharing passenger data with other airlines. They want to create a do not fly list.