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Episode 1830 September 19, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Fun Mikester from San Diego, CA Comments

Fun Mike got a new computer recently. He bought an i5 with 16GB of RAM and an SSD. It's really fast. Leo says that's what an SSD will do for you. Mike wants to know the best way to move his data from the old computer to the new one. Laplink's PC Mover? Recommended by Microsoft. Leo says that's interesting because Microsoft has its own data migration assistant in Windows. Third-party solutions attempt to move your programs over as well, but Leo says they do a terrible job of it. It's much better to install the programs from scratch and move just your data over. That way, you can avoid compatibility issues. Here's an article from Computer World on how to migrate to a new Windows PC.

Watch Dick from Murrieta, CA Comments

Dick's wife has a service dog and is suffering from dementia.  He wants to be able to keep track on her when she wanders away while shopping. Will a GPS tracker work? Leo says that GPS doesn't work indoors. You could use the Apple AirTags on the Dog. That's an option. Or put it on her keys. They're about the size of a quarter and uses Bluetooth and other smartphones to triangulate her position. But Leo has found that they aren't perfect and you can sometimes not find what you're looking for. There's also the SmartCompass and even trackers that you can secretly put in the insoles of her shoes.

Check out this article on the best GPS trackers for Seniors. There's also this article. But remember, GPS doesn't work indoors. Another good article here.

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Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard is having issues printing his email. The right side won't print. Leo says it sounds like the page size is causing the printer only to print half of it. So it's clipping it. Check out the print settings and look for a "fit to page" option. There's also an article on BleepingComputer about this very problem. 

Watch Richard from San Diego, CA Comments

Richard wants to connect his smart plugs to his Google Nest mesh router. But they aren't connecting. Leo says that Google Nest Mesh is a dual-band / tri-band and the smart plugs are looking for just 2.4 GHz. It's possible that they have mistakenly attached to the 5 GHz band because its signal may be stronger. Some routers allow you to turn that radio off and the plugs should connect. Once it's paired, you can then turn the 5 GHz band back on. But according to Google support, that doesn't work on the Google Nest because you can't turn it off. Here's an article for more information. Here's a workaround. The Guest Network on the Google Nest WiFi may only be 2.4ghz only. So try setting up your guest network just for IoT devices. That's the way to go.

Brian says you can create a separate wifi hotspot on 2.4ghz and it fixes the problem.

Watch Craig from Dallas, TX Comments

Craig signed up for Mint Mobile (a sponsor of the TWiT Network) recently. But he hasn't gotten any security updates for his Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Leo says that you have to wait for the carriers to approve it. It goes Google - Samsung - the carriers. And often, there is a tug of war between the manufacturer and the carrier over who pays for the bandwidth to manage the update. It's possible that Mint Mobile is blocking the update. That would be a problem, but it could also be Samsung. They are a little slow on updates to their phones. Here's how to check for updates on a Samsung device. There's also this note from TMobile, which is the backend to Mint Mobile.

You can also use Samsung Smartswitch to update it manually. You'll need a phone USB cable. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Tony from Anderson, SC Comments

Tony wants to know what are five of Leo's favorite books on Technology. Leo says that the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is excellent. There's also a book called "Hackers" by Steven Levy, the early days of MIT Computer Hackers, who created modern computing. "The Soul of a New Machine" by Tracy Kidder, the creation of the microcomputer gives you the roots. "Microcosm" by George Gilder, tells about how microprocessors have changed the world as rapidly as it has. "The Weapons of Math Destruction" by Cathy O'Neil.

Watch Linda from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Linda gets a red/green pattern on her HP computer from time to time. Leo says that's a defective component. Maybe your video card. It could also be a corrupted video display driver. Leo would recommend returning the computer if you can. Call HP. They'll make you reinstall Windows, but it's obviously a defective computer. You'll probably have to fight with them to get them to replace it. But it's definitely a lemon. You may need to get your bank involved.

Watch Carlos from Hawthorne, CA Comments

Carlos' computer shuts down every night at 10:43. He looked at the task scheduling feature and it's not that. Leo says to look in bios. Some PCs have a scheduler built into its BIOS setup. You can also look at the system log to see what event triggered it. Click Start and type "event viewer", or press Windows + R and type "eventvwr." You should be able to look at all the events and see what's triggering it. It has to be software. Also look at your power management settings. Could reinstalling Windows fix it? Leo says possibly, but that's an extreme solution. 

From the chatroom - Type this command: powercfg /sleepstudy. It'll save a report at C:\WINDOWS\system32\sleepstudy-report.html. You'll need to be in admin to do it.

Carlos is also having issues with RAM. Leo says to reset your RAM as it could have worked its way out.