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Episode 1778

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How much data is the UK's Snoopers' Charter collecting? Streaming a church service, can I still upgrade to Windows 10 for free? HDR projectors with Scott Wilkinson, choosing a MacBook laptop, what is CUDA and can I use it with Linux? Summer travel with Johnny Jet, troubleshooting a failed Windows update, boosting low volume on a TV, the GizWiz has a LED Necklight to help read in the dark and more of your calls!

Episode 1777

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Windows 7 security, updating your wireless mouse drivers, internet radio, converting old TV signals, laptop choices for professionals, buying or leasing an electric vehicle now and days, chatting with Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1776

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A Microsoft Exchange server zero-day vulnerability is found, Microsoft issues an emergency patch, what router will work with a Ubiquity access point? Is WPA2 secure? Finding the best home theater system for a new home, troubleshooting a slow dual boot PC, improving photo quality with a laser printer, can I edit an email that has been sent? Booking your trip at the right time with Johnny Jet, finding the right laptop for college, portable EKG devices, why is my laptop running so hot? The GizWiz and his Six-in-one cable charging kit, and more of your calls!

Episode 1775

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A caller's website got hijacked, backup options for your photography needs, running old games in a virtual machine, playing music all over your house with a HomePod, doing cloud backups on your computer with an external hard drive, why you can't install iOS apps from third-party stores,  adding surround sound to your TV, why you might be getting password errors with iDrive, talking to Sam Abuelsamid and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1774

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Fry's Electronics closes its doors, cloning a hard drive with Linux, personal sound amplification products(PSAP) with Scott Wilkinson, why is call quality bad with Wi-Fi calls? What to do with an internet radio without an internet guide, will Starlink be a fast internet connection? Travel news with Johnny Jet, are permanent hearing aids worth the cost? Finding a good, cheap camcorder for school video projects, preventing kids from getting distracted with YouTube during distance learning, and more of your calls!

Episode 1773

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Computer options for the elderly, good choices for Chromebook, making an old monitor work with a newer computer, bitcoin ATMs security, where to get good refurbished Macbooks and Macs, turning off auto-previews within Netflix, will Starlink be a good satellite provider, good options for laser printers, and more of your calls!

Episode 1772

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Facebook takes news out of the News Feed in Australia, backing up hard drives off site, adding hard drive space to an M1 MacMini, have my passwords been compromised? Scott Wilkinson reviews the Grado GW 100v2 Bluetooth headphones, digitizing VHS tapes yourself, connecting an iPhone wirelessly to a stereo, what is the first smartphone I should buy? The new roaring 20s and the return to traveling with Johnny Jet, improving Wi-Fi reception, 15 years of the Giz Wiz and more of your calls!

Episode 1771

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Blocking ads on YouTube and streaming music in your in-person business. Getting your scanner to work with Windows 10, good online resources for project management, getting rid of SPAM, apps to taking pictures of art, recording online radio streams, securing your hotspot, talking to Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1770

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Windows update issues, Scott Wilkinson rants about streaming services' disappearing shows, privacy platforms to help protect yourself from identity theft, randomly disconnecting WiFi, using 4G LTE for home internet, Johnny Jet on deep discounts on traveling for the summer, what you need to know about MVNOs like Google Fi, good Linux distros, the GizWiz talks about the Anova's steam smart oven, good budget laptop picks, and more of your calls!

Episode 1769

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Porting your home phone number to a Tracfone, how to copy files off a DVD, why your printer may not work on your computer after updating the OS, podcasts about adaptive technology for the elderly, issues with mp3 file naming, why cell phones don't suffer congestion like WiFi, what you can do with your old computers, talking to Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!