What’s the Best Alternative for Internet When You’re in a Bad Area?

Episode 1829 (2:08:50)

Sean from Los Angeles, CA

Bill is in an RV and has bad cell coverage where he is, and he has terrible internet coverage. Leo says that ordinarily, he could use a Femtocell to route the cell calls through the internet. But since he wants better data, there's nothing really going the other way.  So the only other option is satellite. He could check to see what other carriers have in that area. He can also get a MiFi WiFi access point that is with a different carrier. But he's paying extra for that data. Still an option.  Check DSLReports. Enter the zip code and look for alternatives like Microwave. 

Also, look into a cell network signal booster. The SureCall Flare is $380. Weboost Drive. Here's a list.