Scott Wilkinson and the Big Event

Episode 1829 (21:30)

Scott Wilkinson

This week was the annual Value Electronics Great TV Shoot Out. Scott says that all the flagship models were put side by side in a darkened room, along with a professional "reference" monitor for comparison. They were all calibrated the same as well. Commercial and custom content was shown, as well as test patterns. Then, professionals were invited to come and give their impressions on which one was best. There were both 4K and 8K categories, as well as a projection category this year. 

Here's are the top three from each category:

4K: Sony XR-65A90J OLED ($3,799.99)

8K:  LG 77ZX OLED ($19,999.99)

Short Throw Projectors: Hisense L9G ($5,499.00 w/100-inch screen)

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