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Episode 1829 (1:14:50)

Johnny Jet

TSA Checkpoint numbers continue to rise, approaching 2019's pre-pandemic levels. The Netherlands has loosened restrictions. Vaccinated Americans don't have to quarantine now, and England is allowing vaccinated passengers in with an antigen test. So it pays to constantly keep checking back. 

American Airlines is opening the Flagship Lounges, and they are some of the plushest lounges in travel.  Qantas is opening up travel to Australia starting late this year, that is great news because it wasn't expected for another year. Meanwhile, ITA is taking over operations of Alitalia, which went bankrupt And a new company is trying to get the Alitalia brand to keep it going.

Meanwhile, United Airlines has banned over 1000 people so far for not complying with wearing a mask. Johnny says that airlines should share lists. 

Travel Tip - Never put anything valuable in your check-in luggage Always keep that stuff as a carry-on. 

Travel and Leisure's Best Travel Hotel in the World is in Kenya. It's a luxury campground, it's called the Mahali Mzuri. $900 a night per person, and that includes food, safaris, the works.