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Episode 1829 September 18, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Gabriel from New Jersey Comments

Gabriel is looking to upgrade his church tech for when it reopens. He's looking to get a new Mac laptop for it and wants the option to stream the service live online. Leo says that a lot of worship software is Windows based, but the Mac can play that tune as well. And the new M1X Macbooks are coming next month. But if he needs one now, the M1 Macs come in three models ... the Mac Mini, the MacBook Pro, and the Macbook Air. Leo got the MacBook Pro for its battery life. It's all day. Leo says that the MacBook Pro would have a fan to keep it cooler, but it's about as thin as the Air. Then again, the Macbook Air doesn't have that annoying touch bar. 8GB RAM is fine for a dedicated unit, but if he can double to 16GB he can stream to multiple sources like YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. 

Watch Karen from Mississippi Comments

Karen is moving away from her iPhone and wants a new Android phone that isn't 5G. Leo says that 5G isn't dangerous and the 5G signal will go through her whether she uses a 5G phone or not. It's all around her. There is a phone called the Freedom Phone, but it's a cheap sub $200 phone made in China that costs $500 so Leo says it's overpriced.

Watch Bob from Gallup, NM Comments

Bob is the trustee for his brother's estate and he needs to have remote access to his brother's laptop. Leo says that it would probably be better to have the laptop in physical possession. Or at least put all the data on a USB hard drive when he can have it. But for remote access, RemotePC is a good option. 

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Watch Jeff from Pasadena, CA Comments

Jeff is amazed by the uncompressed quality of HDTV you can get with a TV antenna. Leo says that's because the signal is sent over the airwaves uncompressed. You don't get that with cable or streaming. But is there a DVR for over-the-air recording? Leo says yes, there are a few. TIVO makes one. ChannelMaster is very popular. And then there's the SiliconDust HDHomeRun. Leo likes the HDHomeRun the best. One box can feed multiple TV and mobile devices around the entire house. But it's just a box. If he wants streaming options, then he'd have to have a separate subscription, which will add up depending on what he gets. 

Watch Randy from Sumner, WA Comments

Randy wants to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S21. But when he transfers the data from his other phone, he has GB of "other" data. How can he get rid of that before he transfers the data? Leo says that other data are cached, or temp files. And they shouldn't transfer when he copies the data over. Look for Samsung's Device Care app It'll allow him to clear out a lot of that stuff.

Watch Brian from Cape Cod, MA Comments

Brian has a Google Pixel 4a. Is there a good Android tablet out there? Leo says that Samsung's Galaxy Tablets are the best option, but it's the best of a so-so bunch because there isn't a robust android tablet app market out there that makes the most of what Android can do on a tablet. But Samsung is the best. 

Watch Henry from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Henry has a lot of pictures, both personal and for business. He has them all backed up on Carbonite, and recently moved them over to Google Photos. He's got them all organized, but he says that even with the folders, it's way too crowded on his phone. Leo says that Google Photos has an option to delete images off the phone once they are uploaded to the cloud. But he wants to segregate the business photos from his personal photos. Leo says that there are organizational options in Google Photos, and they will create special folders that are private.  But other than face or place recognition, the only way to strictly segregate them is through separate accounts. 

Another option is Amazon Prime Photos. It comes with a Prime account. Unlimited storage. 

Watch Scott from Hesperia, CA Comments

Scott wants to switch from an alma mater email account to a new one without losing the data on his phone. He wants to rename it. Leo says that Google may allow him to change it on the phone. But there are limits. He can't go from one Gmail account to another, for instance. Here are the details -

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Eldon from Oroville, CA Comments

Eldon says that Windows Features is a great option for file sharing that many thoughts were deprecated. Type Windows Key + Windows Features. In there, users can uncheck file sharing. Then go back in and recheck it. Then reboot. File Sharing is reenabled. 

Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose wants to know how to sign a PDF document on his Android tablet and send it back. Leo says that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best one according to Tech Radar. It will allow one to sign their name digitally and even store the signature to use again. Other options are XOdo PDF Reader. FoxIt. GAAHio. PDF Pen Pro.

Another idea is to sign a name with a sharpie on a white piece of paper and save it as a transparent PNG file. Then he can simply insert it as a graphic.

He can also use DocuSign, which will enable him to legally sign a digital document with verification.

Watch Sean from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bill is in an RV and has bad cell coverage where he is, and he has terrible internet coverage. Leo says that ordinarily, he could use a Femtocell to route the cell calls through the internet. But since he wants better data, there's nothing really going the other way.  So the only other option is satellite. He could check to see what other carriers have in that area. He can also get a MiFi WiFi access point that is with a different carrier. But he's paying extra for that data. Still an option.  Check DSLReports. Enter the zip code and look for alternatives like Microwave. 

Also, look into a cell network signal booster. The SureCall Flare is $380. Weboost Drive. Here's a list.