Should I Buy an iPhone XR?

Episode 1828 (13:16)

Jenn from Tri-Cities, WA
iPhone XR

Jenn is looking at either the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11. Leo suggests waiting until after Tuesday when Apple announces the new iPhone. They'll likely reduce the cost of phones down the line as well. Leo says the iPhone XR will only be supported until 2023/24, a five-year window. So you're better off going with the iPhone 11. Then again, it's twice as much. The XR is almost as good, actually. But if the iPhone 11 goes down to around $400 after Tuesday, that could make the difference.  And take a look at the iPhone SE. It's got the current processor, and that will be around $400. So it'll be better than the XR, even if it is $100 more. Leo also recommends considering buying directly from Apple, unless you have to get it from your MVNO.

And if money is an issue, take a look at Apple's Refurbished site. You'll save there as well.