Can I Go Online With an Old Vista Computer?

Episode 1828 (2:13:44)

Ann from Lyz, MA
Windows Vista

Ann has an old Vista computer but she can't get online to it. Leo says you shouldn't be online with a Vista computer because Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2019. The computer Ann has is over ten years old and as such, it's a security risk to get online with it anyway. So Leo recommends keeping it as an offline machine and get a Chromebook for all your online activities. 

One thing to try is if you can install Windows 10 on that machine. You'd need to install Microsoft Edge though, or Google Chrome to replace Internet Explorer. But the bottom line is, Vista won't run online anymore.

If you're really tech-savvy, you could install Linux on it. Leo would recommend Puppy Linux. Or XUbuntu.

But it's time to retire that machine.