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Episode 1828 September 12, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jenn from Tri-Cities, WA Comments

Jenn is looking at either the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11. Leo suggests waiting until after Tuesday when Apple announces the new iPhone. They'll likely reduce the cost of phones down the line as well. Leo says the iPhone XR will only be supported until 2023/24, a five-year window. So you're better off going with the iPhone 11. Then again, it's twice as much. The XR is almost as good, actually. But if the iPhone 11 goes down to around $400 after Tuesday, that could make the difference.  And take a look at the iPhone SE. It's got the current processor, and that will be around $400. So it'll be better than the XR, even if it is $100 more. Leo also recommends considering buying directly from Apple, unless you have to get it from your MVNO.

And if money is an issue, take a look at Apple's Refurbished site. You'll save there as well.

Watch Don from Springfield, IL Comments

Don works at home, and he says that the office life has forever changed, and he's happy to keep working from home. Dan has a two-year-old Dell laptop and wants to know if it's worth upgrading to Windows 11. Leo says that under the hood, Windows is bascially the same. The changes are largely cosmetic. You will be able to use Android apps, but that's about it. Leo says that while Microsoft said that Windows 10 was the last Windows iteration, he thinks they went to Windows 11 for the computer manufacturers, so people will have an excuse to buy a new computer. 

Watch Joe from Knoxville, TN Comments

Joe hates that Microsoft News pops up every time he puts the mouse in the lower right-hand corner. He also gets a volume control popup when the mouse goes into the upper left-hand corner. Can he turn them off? Leo says to go to the taskbar and find news and interests. Click on it to remove the check mark and you'll turn it off. As for the volume control, here's how. Leo thinks there's a driver issue there. It's probably corrupted. Disable the soundbar driver and see if it helps.

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Watch David from Ithaca, NY Comments

David wants to know why iCloud won't backup more than one iPhoto library. Leo says that iPhoto morphed into Apple Photos and will only backup the main library by design. What he recommends is to merge the libraries together by importing. Press the option key and hold on the library you want to open. Then go into file, and then import. From inside the apple photos folder, there's a data folder. R/C and select show package contents. That will open the original folder. Then, drag them into your master Photos folder. Here's a technote about it.

Watch Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Jonathan's son wants to graduate from a Nintendo Switch to a gaming desktop. He loves Fortnite. Leo recommends the Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) system. He bought that for his son not too long ago. Leo also likes the Lenovo Legion. You want to focus more on what your graphics GPU is over the computer CPU. That will do the heavy lifting. And the models they offer at Costco are likely last year's models, ideal for a budget gaming computer. But still doable. You'll want a 60fps system. But don't think that a 4K monitor will give you an edge. Stick with 1080p. That's the sweet spot on that system. But if you want to stream live on Twitch, it'll be a little light. 

Watch Pete from West Texas Comments

Pete has an HP All in One with a second monitor. He wants to drag from one monitor to another but it won't work. Leo says that you need to be sure your screen driver is set to extended desktop, not mirrored. Leo says you may also have the monitors out of order in your display settings. So if you drag the opposite way, it may work fine. Easy fix though. Just rearrange the monitors in your display settings. Systems. Settings. Display.

Watch Brenda from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Brenda has an LG mobile phone without service. She tried to get pictures off the phone, but she can't seem to get the data off it. Leo says that it's possible the photos have been backed up to Google Photos. If you can access the account, you can go into it, and they should be backed up there. You may also look to see if there's an SD card in the phone. If so, then you may have the pictures saved there. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Victor from Columbia, SC Comments

David can't see his Google Home device and his Chromecast on his wifi network. Leo says if you're on the same network, and can see both, you should be able to see them. But Google Home uses Bluetooth to signal its presence online, so you have to turn on Bluetooth in order to see it, along with WiFi. You don't have to join it, but you do have to turn it on. You also have to look for Load Media Router Component Extension. Here's a how to, from ScooterX.

Watch Cindy from Valdosta, GA Comments

Cindy is having issues with her phone. She keeps getting connections to old networks, which causes her internet access to drop out. Leo says you can forget those old network connections from time to time.  Click on the "i" button to the right of the network and select the forget option. That should remove those from your "my networks" section and prevent the phone from connecting to them. Here's an Apple tech note about it. Since Cindy is dealing with a divorce, it may be a good idea just to reset the phone completely. Wipe it and start over. Or at least delete the certificates. 

Watch Ann from Lyz, MA Comments

Ann has an old Vista computer but she can't get online to it. Leo says you shouldn't be online with a Vista computer because Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2019. The computer Ann has is over ten years old and as such, it's a security risk to get online with it anyway. So Leo recommends keeping it as an offline machine and get a Chromebook for all your online activities. 

One thing to try is if you can install Windows 10 on that machine. You'd need to install Microsoft Edge though, or Google Chrome to replace Internet Explorer. But the bottom line is, Vista won't run online anymore.

If you're really tech-savvy, you could install Linux on it. Leo would recommend Puppy Linux. Or XUbuntu.

But it's time to retire that machine.