Why's My TV Streaming Experiencing Buffering?

Episode 1827 (58:55)

Matthew from Murietta, CA

Matt is having buffering issues when streaming on his TV. Leo says that buffering shouldn't happen that often. But if the packets arrive out of order, buffering occurs as the TV is waiting for the missing packets to put them in order. If it's dropping packets, users miss content. That's why a stream usually buffers 30 seconds ahead, just in case packets arrive out of order. Check out Fast.com to see if it is getting enough bandwidth. Also speedtest.net and the DSL reports speedtest. It'll also let one test bufferbloat on your router as well.  Even Google has a speed test. But Matt says that the FireTV stick can also be an issue due to heat. They don't have any cooling, and overheating can cause dropping packets.