Johnny Jet ... Daily Tipped

Episode 1827 (1:07:20)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that this week is the week to look into your Thanksgiving travel, if you're planning to fly. And it's a great time because airlines aren't charging change fees right now. Additionally, airline credits are set to start expiring, and you can't use more than two credits to book a flight. So if you have more than that, book one-way flights. And if that flight gets canceled by the airline, they have to refund your money.  But don't book through a third party for it. It's very difficult to get help should there be a problem because both parties will pass the buck. The only real exception to that rule is to go through a travel agent. Also, know what the policies are if you need to cancel, and wait until the last minute. 

One way to get the flight you want is to book far in advance, and when they change the flight to a time you don't like down the road (which they will), you can get them to change to a better flight time for free or give you a refund.

Check out to find out what flights are being cut by the airlines.

Also be aware that if countries banning US travel, you may not get your money back from the airlines.

There's a great deal going on right now to fly coast to coast LA/SF to NY for under $200. But you may have to pay an overhead baggage fee.

1.7 Million passed through TSA checkpoints yesterday. So travel is roaring.