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Episode 1827 September 11, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Eddie from Detroit, MI Comments

Eddie has an old iPad Mini that was given to him by a friend. However, he's forgotten his Apple password and can't unlock it. Leo says to go to to reset it. 

Watch Mark from Tustin, California Comments

Mark has been having issues where he can't do a time machine backup on his new M1 Mac. It gives him a "can't write a file" error.  Does he have enough memory for it? Leo says it's not related to memory. It's likely a Time Machine issue. One of the reasons why Leo doesn't rely on Time Machine. Leo uses SuperDuper or ChronoSync to do a backup. RSync is native to the Mac, which ChronoSync harnesses.  And SuperDuper is in beta on a bootable backup with the M1. So it's the way to go.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Jeff from Vallejo, CA Comments

Jeff is using a Chromebook to do the finances for his elderly father. Is it secure enough? Leo says YES! Chromebook's are very secure by design, and using them solely for online banking makes it VERY secure. Google does a lot to protect ChromeOS, and one can't modify it in any way. And if something goes wrong, users can powerwash it. The only risk may be browser extensions. So if users avoid those, they are golden.

Watch Matthew from Murietta, CA Comments

Matt is having buffering issues when streaming on his TV. Leo says that buffering shouldn't happen that often. But if the packets arrive out of order, buffering occurs as the TV is waiting for the missing packets to put them in order. If it's dropping packets, users miss content. That's why a stream usually buffers 30 seconds ahead, just in case packets arrive out of order. Check out to see if it is getting enough bandwidth. Also and the DSL reports speedtest. It'll also let one test bufferbloat on your router as well.  Even Google has a speed test. But Matt says that the FireTV stick can also be an issue due to heat. They don't have any cooling, and overheating can cause dropping packets. 

Watch Joe from Dalton, GA Comments

Joe has an electric vehicle, but he noticed that his license plate fees have gone way up. Leo says the rationale is that since he's not paying taxes buying gas, they have to make that up somewhere. So they raise the license plate fees. But over the long haul, he's still saying money over gas. Can he use a fast charger on his Nissan Leaf? Leo says he may not. They rely on Chattimo chargers. Use the trickle charger that came with the car at home, and a fast charger when on a road trip. Just make sure to get the right one.

Watch Dennis from Corona, CA Comments

Dennis would like to start trading crypto, but he wants to do it from a VPN for security. Leo says that ExpressVPN is a very good option for that. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Dave from Escondido, CA Comments

Dave recently got a new purple M1 iMac and he wants to get a 4K monitor for video editing. Should he use Thunderbolt 4 or USB? Leo says definitely Thunderbolt 4. It will give up to 6K resolution at up to 60hz.  Anker has a TB4 docking station for around $300. Great deal.

Watch Kevin from Orange County, CA Comments

Kevin is a Linux user and his hard drive is crashing when he tries to install Windows on his old laptop. Leo says to erase the drive completely. It's likely that the Linux boot manager has put something on the UEFI boot sector that's confusing the Windows installer. So formatting the hard drive completely to get rid of any boot manager should fix it. And Windows installer has its own partition manager to do just that. It's called the Windows Drive Manager. He can then recreate the partitions to make it work. The Windows installer may be corrupted as well. So make sure to get the Windows Media Creation Tool directly from Microsoft. 

Watch Edward from Detroit, MI Comments

Edward is legally blind and wants to know if an iPad would be useful to him, especially with the keyboard. Leo says that an iPad has great accessibility features with voice dictation and screen reading. But the keyboard is digital and that could be a challenge for typing. But Apple has created a ton of features, and Edward can always connect a hardware keyboard to it via Bluetooth.  But try turning on voiceover and rely on Siri to dictate within any text field. It's pretty good. 

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