Rod Pyle: Space Faring

Episode 1826 (2:02:46)

Rod Pyle

Rod joins Leo to talk about Mars news. Perseverance finally managed to get a sample of a rock, which will be kept for a return mission at a later date. They're hoping by 2027-28, they'll be able to launch a new mission to return it. The less good news is that NASA's relationship with Russia's Space Agency is getting strained due to political issues. Russia feels slighted that they aren't part of NASA's return to the moon. Now they're talking to China, and that leaves the ISS in a state of limbo. And it's showing its age with the core module starting to show cracking. Meanwhile, private companies are starting to build modules to connect to the ISS. So it's in a state of flux.

Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic admitted that its latest launch illegally wandered into civilian airspace and should have been aborted. But they didn't. Now the FAA has grounded it until they figure out what went wrong.