Locast Ceases Streaming Operations of Local TV Channels

Episode 1826 (02:24)


Streaming service Locast ceased operations this week in the middle of an ongoing legal battle with broadcasters. The service argued that since they are a nonprofit, the company was merely providing a service to those who couldn't make use of an antenna. The judge disagreed and said that Locast was using the donations they received to expand into other markets, violating nonprofit rules. Locast could appeal, but Leo says we knew the day would come that they would eventually close their doors. It was inevitable.

So what do people do now? Leo says the problem is that broadcasters have it good, double-dipping from must-carry fees by cable and streaming providers and airing ads on their broadcast signals.  And they aren't willing to give up that windfall. Users can put up antennas if they are within the line of sight and range of broadcast antennas, or they can pay for local channels through a cable or streaming service. That's pretty much it now. But since Locast wasn't the first attempt to work around those limitations, it's only a matter of time before another attempt will be made.