What Broadband Options Are Available in My Area?

Episode 1825 (1:04:14)

Ron from Los Angeles, CA
DSL Extreme

Ron got a notice that DSL Extreme is canceling his internet service in November. They're offering him a service that is more expensive and requires him to subscribe to their internet service. He's currently using DSLExtreme. Leo says that AT&T has to provide DSL Extreme broadband service and it sounds like DSLExtreme is signing off. But Leo says the good news is that there are other options out there, including Starlink. Google Fiber. And others. Check out DSLReports.com for choices in the area. The cable would probably be faster and about the same price. Starlink is satellite service, not cheap at $99 a month plus $500 for equipment, but it's getting better all the time. Or, there's TMobile's Residential Internet service via 5G. 

Julian (TechAV) says that AT&T offers discounted internet service for low-income users, and they don't charge equipment rental in that program. Check out att.com/access for availability and to apply. Leo says it sounds like Lifeline access for the internet.