Should I Wait or Upgrade to the New M1 MacBook Air?

Episode 1825 (21:55)

Herb from Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Herb is thinking of getting a new MacBook Air. His 9-year-old Mac laptop needs a new battery. Leo says you can get a new battery for that old Mac for a few hundred dollars, but the new M1 MacBooks are simply fantastic, with more than all-day battery life and incredible performance. Especially since Catalina is probably the last version of macOS Herb can put on that 9-year-old Mac. So it could be high time to get a new Mac. It's also rumored that the new M1X chip is about to get announced, probably in October, for new Macbooks. So if you can wait, that would be a good idea. 

 Can he take the old hard drive and run time machine on it? Leo says yes. And then you could restore it to your new Mac and then update. Probably the fastest way to transfer your data. What you really want to save is settings, passwords, bookmarks, and documents. The apps you can simply reinstall.