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Episode 1825 September 4, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Herb from Rancho Santa Fe, CA Comments

Herb is thinking of getting a new MacBook Air. His 9-year-old Mac laptop needs a new battery. Leo says you can get a new battery for that old Mac for a few hundred dollars, but the new M1 MacBooks are simply fantastic, with more than all-day battery life and incredible performance. Especially since Catalina is probably the last version of macOS Herb can put on that 9-year-old Mac. So it could be high time to get a new Mac. It's also rumored that the new M1X chip is about to get announced, probably in October, for new Macbooks. So if you can wait, that would be a good idea. 

 Can he take the old hard drive and run time machine on it? Leo says yes. And then you could restore it to your new Mac and then update. Probably the fastest way to transfer your data. What you really want to save is settings, passwords, bookmarks, and documents. The apps you can simply reinstall.


Watch Calvin from San Diego, CA Comments

Calvin is blind and he uses an app called Aira to stream his videos for TikTok. But it takes him a long time to set everything up with his smartphone. How can he streamline things? Leo says to check out Blackmagic's ATEM Mini. It's a camera switcher that he can remote control and stream online. It'll take up to four different cameras via HDMI. The cost is around $300. 

Also, check out OfficeHours.Global by Alex Lindsay for tips by media professionals on how to troubleshoot broadcast and streaming projects. 

Check out Calvin's TikTok at DeafBlindPotter

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Watch Ron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ron got a notice that DSL Extreme is canceling his internet service in November. They're offering him a service that is more expensive and requires him to subscribe to their internet service. He's currently using DSLExtreme. Leo says that AT&T has to provide DSL Extreme broadband service and it sounds like DSLExtreme is signing off. But Leo says the good news is that there are other options out there, including Starlink. Google Fiber. And others. Check out for choices in the area. The cable would probably be faster and about the same price. Starlink is satellite service, not cheap at $99 a month plus $500 for equipment, but it's getting better all the time. Or, there's TMobile's Residential Internet service via 5G. 

Julian (TechAV) says that AT&T offers discounted internet service for low-income users, and they don't charge equipment rental in that program. Check out for availability and to apply. Leo says it sounds like Lifeline access for the internet.

Watch Perry from Aurora, CO Comments

Perry wants to know what his alternatives are now that Locast has shut down. Leo says that an antenna is the best free option. Sling and other streaming services do offer other local channels for an extra cost. Here's a list of alternatives. There is a Reddit thread at which talks about some options.

Watch Julian (TechAV) from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Julian (TechAV) says that AT&T offers discounted internet service for low-income users, and they don't charge equipment rental in that program. Check out for availability and to apply. Leo says it sounds like Lifeline access for the internet.

Watch Johnny from Lakewood, CA Comments

Johnny is looking for advice on what to replace his 2012 Macbook Pro with. It's getting a little slow. Leo says to go to MacFixIt and see what upgrades can be done to the laptop to extend its life. But Apple is about to put out a new line of laptops running the M1X chip in October. So if he can wait until then, it would be a good idea. But if he can't, he really can't go wrong with the current M1 Macs. The MacBook Air would be the best choice, especially for a student. But if he can wait, do. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Daniel from Fresno, CA Comments

Daniel is nearly blind and he recently had to get a new computer monitor. He connected it via VGA, but he's getting strange color bars across the picture. He switched to HDMI and gets no signal. Leo suggests updating the video drivers. If he has trouble installing the drivers, reboot in safe mode and install them. Here's also how to force a driver install.

Watch Jeff from Knoxville, TN Comments

Jeff wants to know if there's an alternative to Best Buy's Geek Squad for fixing his computer. Leo says that Nerds on Site is very popular, and they'll help him solve his computer problems via remote. But don't ignore the local computer "shade tree mechanics" in the area. He can't really vet them, though, shy of verbal recommendations.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard's optical speakers are suddenly malfunctioning with only one speaker working. Leo says if the wires are connected, then it could be a bad speaker wire. They can fail. The speaker can also fail. Do the easy thing first ... replace the wires. Also, try using a different device like a turntable. That will eliminate the receiver. Also, change the connections from left to right. If the other speaker goes out and the current speaker has sound again, then the AV receiver may be going out. The AV receiver may also have a testing function called "Audacy," which would enable him to plug in a mic and test the sound configuration. It should come with the Mic. If so, then run it. It could reconfigure and eliminate if the speaker is just bad. 

Watch Dale from Deep River, Connecticut Comments

Dale has an iPhone from a loved one who passed away. How can he back up everything on it? Leo recommends iMazing. It's $50 for three devices, and he can plug it in and it backs up everything on the device. Even text messages.  Here's also how to request access to her iCloud account.

Dale also sees that his wife's Pixel 3 goes into do not disturb mode automatically. Leo says to look in the settings. There is a setting that will schedule it. Also, there may be an app triggering it.