Why Am I Getting Popups Warning of a Virus With McAfee!?

Episode 1823 (16:30)

Penny from Seal Beach, CA

Penny keeps getting a popup that is warning them she has a virus and should update McAfee AntiVirus software, which she says she doesn't have. Leo says never click on a link from those popups. Leo says that Penny may have McAfee on her computer as trialware and not know it. So make sure to remove it, if it's there. Use the official McAfee Uninstaller here.  It could be malware since it wants her to click on a link. That's a red flag.  Then, run a scan using the Windows Defender, which is on her computer already. She will also want to double-check that Defender is turned on. Sometimes malware will turn it off. She can also run a scan by using Windows Key + MRT and enter.  It's most likely a browser hijack. Look in the browser settings under extensions and turn off anything unrecognizable.